Partner Club

Terry Coleman

Cameron Clark

Karen and Andrew Valiquett

Jody Kress

Robert Seilheimer

Courtney Tague

Marilyn Wann

Scott Topping

Kasey Kendrick

Deborah Clark

Mark Prosser

Michael J. Smith

Erin LampCoomer

Kevin Ernst

Kari Gallagher

Ethan Foster

Carol Yager

Angela Lengerich

Casey Darnley

Stephan Zentner

Steve and Donna Haines

Peggy Jackson

John and Charlotte Watson

Michael Smith

Joyce Pruitt

Ruth Hayes

Gregory C Smith

John and Charlotte Watson

Ronald Schuster

Max and Jacqueline Gibson

Michael Neyer

Carol South

William Rosenbaum

Melvin Winzenread

Douglas Nyffeler

Dorothy Michalak

George Morris

Rick Chandler

Candy Yoder

Nancy Tatum

Diane Stothard

Christopher Gackenheimer

Explorer Club

Amanda Wuestefeld

Richard Cockrum

Galen Yordy

Michael Skehan

Elizabeth Manasek

Michael Wilson

Brian Thayer

Don Thompson

James Duncan

Mary Bookwalter

Brenda Forth

Samuel Sobczak

Justin Speed

Amanda Jamison

Dale Brier

Michael Beeman

Voyager Club

Glenn Bosch

Patrick Harper

Luke and Liesel Mertes

June Ladd

Needham Hurst

Geoff and Josie Fox

Brent Daniels

Christopher Burke Engineering LLC

Chris Bachle

Adventure Club

John and Kathy Davis

William McCully

Brad Skillman

David Houston

Lumina Foundation

Brent Walker

John Whitaker

Legacy Club

Joe Collins

Donor Club Benefits

$100 – Partner Club

INRF Lapel Pin

$250 – Explorer Club

Partner Club benefits plus one year subscription to Outdoor Indiana Magazine and two trees planted in an Indiana State Forest

$500 – Voyager Club

Explorer Club benefits plus state park annual pass, five trees planted in an Indiana state forest and recognition on the INRF Web site

$1,000 – Adventure Club

Voyager Club benefits plus invitations to special events, recognition in a newsletter and $100 of your contribution will help get Hoosier youth in the outdoors through the Discover the Outdoors field trip grant program.

$5,000 or more – Legacy Club

Adventure Club benefits plus INRF polo, recognition in Outdoor Indiana magazine and your contribution will send one Hoosier classroom on a field trip through the Discover the Outdoors field trip grant program.

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