Honor someone by giving outdoor opportunities.

Protect wildlife habitats in their memory.

Plant trees that will live for years to come.

When you make a contribution to the INRF in honor or in memory of someone, you are gifting a legacy. Donations help fund wonderful projects, such as the Indiana Tree Project, Give Adventure Grant, or the Discover the Outdoors field trip grant. When making your donation, be sure to fill in the box titled “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of.”

Donations have been made in memory of the following individuals…

Alan Abel

Albert “Al” Robinson

Anthony Strigari

Arthur Neil Foor

Bart Tomlinson

Benjamin C. Parsons

Bill Morgan

Bob Benner

Bobby Pederson

Brian Laughner

Brian Welles

Carl Kaiser

Caroll L. Thompson

Chelsea Fargo

Clemons Goeppner

Darlene Murphy


David B. Martin

David Cain

Dennis Shreve

Dennis Wilkerson

Dixie Rowe

Don Meyer

Donald Hamilton

Dr. Carol Walters

Ed Kuhns

Ethan and Henry Gilliland

Frances “Pat” Earle

Dr. Fredrick Chary

Gary Jones

G Hayes


Helen Pitts

Hovy Hubbard

James Cheatham

James “Mark” Morgan


Janet Breloff

Jason Rogers

Jean S. Magnant

Jeffrey Alan Dexter


Joan Bush

Joe & Donna

Joe and Gloria Raab

Joe Vossberg

John Patterson

John Rosenbarger

Kelly Creamer Leffer

Kenny Mercer

Kevin O’Connell

Kris “Dick” Evans

Lady Bird

Lawrence Carr

Leland B. Palmer

Lillian Harper

Louis Dean Geller

Louis Sellers and Ervin Tielking

Lucy Mitchell

Many Parents and Grandparents

Marjorie Folger

Mary Ann Bowen Crismore

Mary Ann Tolan

Mary Ann Woodford


Mike Beall

Mike Davis

Mike Emmerd

Mike Naspinski

Nicholas McDonald

Paul Julian

Paul Kreilein

Peter Dudley

Randall Core

Raymond & Jean Vannoy

Renee Hostetter

Robert K. Scott Jr.

Rodger Wellenreiter

Ron Hollars

R.V. Earle Jr.

Samuel Brown

Scott Clouse

Sharon Watson

Stephen “Binky” Cornell

Steven H. Baker

Teresa Sparks

Terry Daulton

The Duff Family

Thomas Arnold

Tom Huck

Tom Schnetzer

Wanda C. Pavey

Wayne Waldron

William Morgan

Zach Hecker

Honorary Donations

Sarah Hann in honor of the Hann/Stuckey wedding guests

Gael Murphy in honor of Dorothy Drummond

Nancy Swanson in honor of Jan McGowan

David Harsha in honor of Maryellen Harsha

Lusa Stiles in honor of AJ Brown

Jennifer Newton in honor of Doug Hofherr

Lindsey Basler in honor of Susan Gess Sublett

Scott Saalman in honor of Kimball Electronics

Patricia Harter in honor of Randy Harter’s 70th birthday

Rebecca Leonard in honor of Jackie Leonard

Anastatia Browning in honor of Virgus Browning Sr.

Terri and Dan Kress in honor of Wayne, Carol, and Brynn Parkinson

Ain & Linda Haas in honor of the Whooping Cranes seen at Goose Pond in 2021

Aaron Louchart in honor of Robusto Custom Lures

Tony Suttle in honor of the Suttle Girls

Cassie Pavey in honor of Richard Pavey

Dustin Homan in honor of Jobe & Christian Homan

Lora Emmerd in honor of My Family and Friends

M J Steenbergen in honor of Jim Schreck

Janet Holcomb in honor of Jane Lantz

Katrina Swope in honor of James McCrory

Ashley Stephen in honor of Dennis W. Stephen

Mary Griffin in honor of Dave Garvey

Debra Hugentober in honor of Brian Fields

Sandra and Thomas Gold in honor of David and Sheridan Hadley

Tobias Buck in honor of Donna Buck

Don Thompson in honor of Jill Long Thompson

Caryn Corriere in honor of Joy Bower’s retirement

Lynn Carlton in honor of Leisha Conley

David Houston in honor of Nicole Webb

Laura Testerman in honor of Michael Testerman

Laura Walter in honor of Drs. Duane & Linda Kuhlenschmidt

Mary Kramer in honor of Kim E. Hiner

Ethan McGivern in honor of the McGivern Family

Jill Ferguson in honor of Wren Ferguson

Michael Wilson in honor of Lance M. Wilson

Richard D’Alton in honor of Robert Morrison

John Williams in honor of Jim Williams

Kerry Fletcher in honor of Chayce

Mark Dwyer in honor of Jennifer Dwyer

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